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Kim Kardashian getting married again!?
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A Kim Kardashian wedding announcement will no doubt be a headline we will see many times in the future. Once her divorce is finalized from Kris Humphries, she will likely marry her unborn child's baby daddy, Kanye West. When? My guess is that as soon as she has dropped enough of the baby weight to satisfy whichever weight loss company she signs with. Why am I confident that Kim Kardashian will get married many more times in her future? Kim idolizes the late Elizabeth Taylor and has always thought that Taylor's many marriages made her even more glamourous. When a person like Kim thinks that marrying multiple times is fashionable and adds to her brand then she would never put in the amount of work that it takes to maintain a happy marriage. If I were to place a bet, I would say that Kim has eight more marriages to go.

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