About Us
We created Sexy Date Sexy as a fun way to meet like-minded people.

We created Sexy Date Sexy as a fun way to meet like-minded people. Our easy to use site makes it fun and fast to get to know someone new. Other dating sites make you fill out long forms but we leave all of the questioning up to you. Sexy Date Sexy is not an adult site but it’s for grown-ups who like to play.

Here are some common connections that can be made on SexyDateSexy.com.:

  • Romance! Meet like-minded people who are interested in igniting that romantic spark!
  • Relationships! They say that “opposites attract” but the more you have in common with someone the likelier you two will hit it off in the long run.
  • New Friends! With our chat option, striking up conversations with other members is as easy as clicking the button.
Our Mission
Our mission at SexyDateSexy.com is to bring people together that may not normally meet and we connect them in a fun and fast way! We help our members connect so they can ignite that romantic spark, build relationships and make new friends.
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Ryan J
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Ashley M
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Veronica L