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Sexy Date Sexy FAQs
1. Who is a “Women”?
  • A Beauty is not only physically beautiful, but gorgeous from the inside out, fun, spontaneous, and outgoing.
  • She is searching for her ideal mate but is often too busy working to date.
  • She knows her value & is smart to capitalize on her good looks and charm.
  • A Beauty appreciates the opportunity to earn extra income without having to pay anything to PayDateAuction.com
  • The Bidder of her choice pays the Beauty in full when they meet in person.
  • A more adventurous Beauty will put herself up for Auction and see our Bidders compete for her time.
2. Who is a “Men”?
  • A Bidder is a successful man who works hard and plays harder.
  • He is looking for the love of his life or simply an evening shared with an interesting beautiful woman.
  • A Bidder may want a Beauty to accompany him while he is traveling, golfing, playing poker, etc.
  • While a Bidder may pay for the initial date with a Beauty, if he wins her heart, love may be all she needs for future dates.
  • A Bidder appreciates that PayDateAuction.Com will charge him only $9.95 a month for the opportunity to bid on Beauties around the globe.
  • Sexydatesexy.com wishes you luck & Happy Bidding ;-)
3. As a Bidder, when I win a date when do I pay the Women?
  • The winning Bidder pays the Beauty when they MEET IN PERSON for their date. We recommend that the Bidder pay the Beauty 1/2 of the money at the start of the date and the other 1/2 at the end of the date.
4. Do Beauty’s have to pay any fees to Sexydatesexy.com
  • NO! Our service is 100% FREE to Beauties.
5. How much do Bidders pay Sexydatesexy.com?
  • Only $9.95 a month.
6. As a Men, should I expect sex on the date?
  • Absolutely Not! Exchanging sex for money is illegal. A Beauty is only auctioning her time not sex.
7. As a Women, do I have to date the highest Men?
  • Absolutely Not! Who you date is entirely up to you and there is never any pressure to date anyone you don’t want to.
8. Where should we meet for our first date?
  • We highly recommend that your first date with a particular Women or Men that you meet in a public place for safety reasons.
9. Do you run background checks on your members?
  • We do not currently run background checks on our Members.
10. What if a Bidder asks me if I would have sex with him for money?
  • You must decline and end the date immediately. Please report this member to us at admin@sexydatesexy.com so we can remove him from our members.
11. What is a Women offers to have sex with me for money on our date?
  • You must decline and end the date immediately. Please report this member to us at admin@sexydatesexy.com so we can remove him from our members.
12. Can I ask two Beauties to join me on the same date?
  • Yes, you can but please make sure that both Beauties know what you’re planning so they can appropriately accept or decline the date.
13. As a homosexual, may I be a Women or a Men?
  • Yes, you can be either at paydateauction.com/gaypaydate. Please see the link on our homepage.
14. Will you keep my membership information private?
  • Yes. Please see our Privacy Policy
15. Can I be both a Women and a Men?
  • YES!
16. Can men be Beauties?
  • YES!
17. Can women be Bidders?
  • YES!
18. What happens if the Women or Men does not look like the photo they posted?
  • When you meet the Women or Men in person and you see that they were lying about any aspects of themselves then you can politely end the date and let us know about it. We will contact the member and ask for an explanation. Also, you can leave comments about that member to let other people know about your experience.
19. Someone wrote unfair comments about me will you delete them?
  • We will contact both members, ask for each person’s side of the story and then we will make an informed decision and contact both members regarding that decision.
20. I have a question that isn’t listed here, what should I do?
  • Please contact us at admin@sexydatesexy.com.