Who We Are
Our dating site combines the thrills of winning at auction with meeting someone new.

Our dating site combines the thrills of winning at auction with meeting someone new. At SexyDateSexy.com™, it's always fun to see which new Beauties are on our public auction. Our secured dating system allows both Beauties and Bidders to feel confident that their date will go smoothly. Bidders don't need to worry about carrying cash on their dates. While Beauties feel confident that as long as she shows up as agreed upon for their date, she will be compensated. We believe in customer service and satisfaction so that whether you're looking for love or a date for Saturday, you'll love your experience on SexyDateSexy.com™. In the spirit of bachelor and bachelorette auctions, we donate 2% of all of the income earned from this website to charity.

Here are some common connections that can be made on SexyDateSexy.com™:

  • Maybe you're shy about asking out a much younger woman, on SexyDateSexy.com™, you simply have to bid on her.
  • You're traveling and it looks like you will be having another dinner alone. Log onto SexyDateSexy.com™, place the winning bid and you've got yourself a dinner date.
  • Perhaps you're a gorgeous coed who between a full course load and a job doesn't have much time to date. On SexyDateSexy.com™ you can get paid to date.
Our Mission
Our mission at SexyDateSexy.com™ is to bring people together that may not normally meet and we connect them in a fun and fast way.

We help our busy and successful members to find a date in a moment's notice, because a date is only a bid away. We offer our beautiful members the opportunity to date men who are so serious about going out with her that they are willing to pay to date her.

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"I didn't believe that I could combine searching for my soul mate and earning money at the same time, but thanks to SexyDateSexy.com, I did both last Saturday."
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Veronica L